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Powder Coating for Metals

Our high-quality powder coating is a versatile solution to protect and enhance your metal pieces. You can trust ISPC to powder coat a variety of products, including:


At ISPC, we are experts in blacksmithing and are dedicated to creating exceptional metal products. Our skilled craftsmen combine the tradition of blacksmithing with contemporary design to offer you a wide range of customized products. This includes:

Design and Manufacturing Metals:

At ISPC, we merge creativity and precision to design and manufacture unique metal products. Our customized services encompass a wide range of products such as:


Installation, Renovation and Repair

We offer comprehensive installation, repair and renovation services to ensure that your metal products function and look their best. This includes:

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your inquiries about our services and products.

Powder coating provides a durable protective layer that enhances corrosion resistance and offers a wide range of color and aesthetic finish options.
Yes, at ISPC, we specialize in custom blacksmithing designs to meet your specific preferences and needs.
Yes, we offer comprehensive services that include on-site installation and repair of blacksmithing, ensuring high-quality results.
Our products and finishes are known for their durability and long-term resistance, ensuring a long-lasting investment.
Yes, we offer warranties for our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction and quality.
To receive an accurate quote, we need details such as the project type, dimensions, desired materials, and any specific requirements. Feel free to contact us with your project details to request a personalized quote.
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