• Design, manufacturing, and installation of blacksmithing and powder coating.
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Design, Manufacturing, and Professional Quality for Your Metal Projects

Experts in Blacksmithing and Powder Coating in Phoenix, Arizona

We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and installation of blacksmithing and powder coating in Phoenix, Arizona. From custom metal creations to durable powder-coated finishes, we bring your vision to life with long-lasting craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and attention to detail.


From design to installation and restoration, we provide personalized solutions with durable finishes and advanced techniques. Our focus on customer satisfaction and innovation ensures unique and cutting-edge designs.

Our mission is to lead in innovation, consistently offering creative and cutting-edge solutions in the field of blacksmithing and powder coating.
Our vision is to be nationally recognized leaders in the blacksmithing and powder coating industry, known for excellence in quality and service.

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Custom Design

Professional Quality

Competitive Prices

Comprehensive Service

Deadline Compliance

Satisfied Customer Experiences
ISPC did an exceptional job on the powder coating of my pieces. Impeccable and long-lasting results!

Juan Contreras Powder Coating Work

ISPC designed and manufactured my home's railings to perfection. Impressive look and top-notch service!

Linda Johnson Custom Railing Design

My antique gate looks like new thanks to ISPC. Professionals in restoration. I highly recommend them!

David Smith Antique Gate Restoration

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